Sergey Galyonkin from Raleigh, USA / CC BY-SA

The Apple and Fornite dispute does not seem to be ending anytime soon, especially after today’s announcement from Epic Games where the gaming giant told The Verge that the game will essentially be divided into 2 parts: the normal version and the Apple version. While the normal version will be, well, normal, the Apple version will stop receiving any updates from the company. Moreover, users on Apple devices including iPhones, Mac Books, iPads etc. will not be able to avail the game’s cross platform functionalities, which means that Apple users will only be able to play amongst themselves.

This comes after a long drawn out legal battle between the two companies which erupted after Epic Games decided to add a direct payments system on the app. Usually, Apple makes a commision off of any purchases that are facilitated through its App Store, with games owing 30% of the total sum. However, with this new update, the company was outcasted, with Epic claiming the entire amount for itself.

The gaming giant claims that this was in revolt of Apple’s monopolistic practices when it comes to its App Store. However, Apple was quick to retaliate, and decided to ban the app from the platform.

Epic Games then launched a lawsuit at the Cupertino based company, as a result of which, Apple decided to ban Apple users’ access to the company’s developer tools, including the Unreal engine.

In a court hearing, a judge decided that Apple cannot hurt 3rd party developers as part of its ‘vengeance’ against Epic Games, thus restricting the company’s move to ban users’ access to Epic Games’ developer tools. However, it also added that Apple does not have to restore the Fortnite app on App Store, adding that if Epic Games comes in accordance with Apple’s rules, it’s ban should be revoked.

Now, Epic Games isn’t really left with a lot of choices, so it has decided to change the playing field instead. With today’s decision, not only will Apple users not be able to access the game’s new updates (with an Avengers themed season right around the corner), but also be restricted to play just amongst themselves.

A hearing on a preliminary injunction of the previou court order is scheduled for 28th September, where either of the temporary decisions taken before may be turned permanent.