Amazon Prime
Source: Quote Catalog @Flickr // CC 2.0 License

In a long rundown of the milestones that Amazon achieved during its two day ‘Prime Day’ sale in India, the ecommerce behemoth revealed some interesting statistics. One of the most important of those stats however is the count of prime members in India. Amazon says that “over 1 million” prime members shopped during the prime day sale, confirming that the company has crossed that milestone in India when it comes to its prime subscription service.

The number holds quite a significance, since this is a rare occurrence of Amazon disclosing at least some sort of figure around its prime userbase in India. Prime membership in India costs around $13 a year, compared with $119 in the US. Considering the current pandemic situation, Amazon chose India as its first market to launch a prime day sale.

In a blog post detailing the milestones it achieved during the sale, Amazon said, “Over 1 million Prime members shopped from small businesses in the 14-day lead up to Prime Day, further helping them with their business revival.”

In certain other interesting numbers, the company also revealed that over 91,000 SMBs, artisans, weavers and women entrepreneurs from over 5,900 pin codes saw success during Prime Day 2020. The numbers are a record for Amazon ever since it set foot in Indian shores. Interestingly, more than 62000 sellers were from non-metro and tier 2/3 cities across India. 31,000 SMB sellers witnessed their highest sales ever with over 4000 SMB sellers each registering sales of INR 1 million or more.

In terms of comparison with average daily sales, Amazon’s handicraft and weaver specific initiative “Karigar”, witnessed a growth of 6.7X, and women entrepreneurs from the Saheli program witnessed a growth of 2.6X over average day sales. Similarly, startup brands under the Launchpad program grew by 2.1X over their average day sales. Over a thousand Local Shops from over 100 cities made their Prime Day debut, growing by 2X over average day sales.