Amazon Prime
Source: Quote Catalog @Flickr // CC 2.0 License

Amazon has scaled up Amazon Flex’s delivery reach to more than 35 cities in India which include metro as well as not non-metro cities like Gwalior, Hubli, Nashik, and Raipur. However, the company did not specify the number of people recruited.

Amazon Flex is a program where independent contractors deliver Amazon orders. It creates flexible work opportunities where individuals can make their own schedule and earn up to Rs. 140 per hour.  It was launched in India during June last year. Initially, it was launched in only 3 cities but now it has spread to more than 35 cities.

Independent contracters looking for jobwork can easily join Amazon Flex program by visiting its website. All the applicants must be over 18 years of age and must have a two-wheeler vehicle, valid driver’s license, and PAN card to be part of Amazon Flex.

This expansion comes at a great time for Amazon. Ecommerce companies have seen sudden surge in orders, ever since lockdown was lifted in a phased manner across India. People are still staying indoors due to the pandemic and have been using ecommerce as the preferred option to order all kinds of products..

Amazon says that it has made protection of its employees its “top priority”. It has added a lot of new processes to ensure social distancing and hygiene standards. These include thermal screening of every delivery person, mandatory face covering, regular sanitation of frequently touched areas, awareness building, mandatory hand sanitization. It has tried to make delivery as much of a virtual process as possible with measures like digitalized payments and no-touch check-ins.

“The expansion of the programme from three cities in June 2019 to 35 cities in June 2020 has created tens of thousands of part-time opportunities for individuals in metros and non-metro cities such as Raipur, Hubli, Gwalior and Nashik among others,” an Amazon spokesperson said .“As we continue to scale and further grow the programme to more than 35 cities across the country, Amazon Flex will add tremendous value in serving our customers so they can stay home and practice social distancing,” the statement added.