Amazon Prime
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In stark contrast to the overwhelming figures of company layoffs, Amazon India has decided to create 50,000 seasonal jobs across fulfilment and delivery networks. The move comes as a response to the dramatic increase in the demand after the government allowed limited functioning of online-delivery sites while containment zones remain excluded from e-commerce operations. While the e-commerce giant seeks to fulfil demands of those who rely on its service, the shortage of logistics staff to carry out these operations has led to the creation of jobs. The generated jobs also include part-time work opportunities for workers through the Amazon Flex service. The new recruits will join Amazon’s existing associates and assist them to pick, pack, ship and deliver customer orders more efficiently. Amazon has also acknowledged the importance its delivery services hold for small businesses especially through the pandemic. While a mechanism to step up its delivery game is in place, Amazon has said that following safety protocol will remain a priority. The workers will be looked after as they continue to work through the pandemic. The company has ensured hazard pay, the mandatory use of masks as well as regular temperature checks. “We are creating work opportunities for close to 50,000 seasonal associates across our fulfilment and delivery network. This will also keep as many people working as possible through the pandemic while providing a safe environment for them” said Akhil Saxena, vice-president of Customer Fulfilment Operations for APAC, MENA & LATAM at Amazon. Due to a similar pattern of increased demands, Amazon US generated 175,000 new jobs for workers. Amazon in its latest earning call said it would commit $4 billion dollars to the global response to the health crisis.