Rumors about upgraded Apple Airpods have been circling the Internet for a while now, with speculations of a release planned later this year. However, the Cupertino giant has been awfully quiet about the whole project, and has managed to continue working without any major leaks. Still, minute details slip from time to time, just like the latest reveal from 9to5Mac. The news site reports that the new AirPods Studio may feature head and neck detection and custom equalizer, among other features.

The regular Airpods which we have right now, feature ear detection. Using this feature, the devices can judge when someone takes off the piece, and pause the media being played. The upcoming headphones will offer something similar, but employ neck and head detection instead. AirPod Studios will detect the band’s position, and judge if the music needs to paused based on the judgement. If it detects your neck, the media will pause, and if it detects your head, the content will resume. Thus,with the new headphones, you will never miss a beat.

Moreover, the devices may also be able to distinct between the left and the right ear. This will be used to route audio channels, thus making it impossible to wear the headphones in the wrong direction.

The headphones will also employ custom equalizer technology, since the target audience for the devices will be professional DJs. The custom equalizer settings will include low, medium, and high frequency adjustments, 9to5Mac reports.

The device will also employ Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode, much like the AirPods Pro, and will juggle between them based on user preference. Thus, you can opt for the ANC if you want noise reduction, or the Transparency mode for ambient sound.

Up until now, rumours also suggest that the device will be modular, with removable straps. The company is planning to launch at least two versions of the headphones. One will have a premium feel with leather like fabrics, and the other will be targeted towards fitness with “lighter, breathable materials with small perforations.”

These headphones will also employ the virtual assistant Siri for voice control. In addition to that, they will also come with touch controls for ease of access. Any existing Apple users can connect their headphones to their iOS and MAC devices.