Microsoft is delaying the launch of its dual-screen ‘Surface Neo’, that was expected in the lucrative 2020 holiday season. The Redmond giant confirmed the same in a blog post, further stating that it now focusing on the latest Window 10X operating system on single-screen devices. This comes admist the high level of uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The world is a very different place than it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of dual-screen Windows devices.” states the blog by Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Windows and Devices. Till last month, Microsoft listed the high-tech Surface Neo on it’s US website under the “coming Holiday 2020” so the consumers were optimistic of the new arrival.

Unveiled last October, the Windows 10X was set to feature a with a more modern look and ‘important improvements’ with the flexibility of a dual-screen surface. However, circumstances have changed since and that “..flexibility has enabled us to pivot our focus toward single-screen Windows 10X devices.”, says Microsoft. The company made it clear with this recent update, that the Windows 10X operating system will first come to ‘single-screen’ devices like tablets and traditional notebook PCs.

The Surface Neo features were also showcased last year, with a two nine-inch screens and a 360-degree hinge could also be worked with a removable keyboard that magnetically could be sealed to the back of the device, alongside a stylus pen was originally referred to for the latest OS.

Microsoft did not update or confirm any new timeline as of now but has explicitly reprioritised Windows 10X for single-screen devices that comes as a shift brought about by the COVID-19. 

“We will continue to look for the right moment, in conjunction with out OEM partners, to bring dual-screen devices to market” reads the post. In other words, the original plan has been postponed and altered to meet the demads of the changed current times.

Panay added that further updates for Windows developers will be provided at its online Build conference scheduled later this month.