Apple might have just listened in on yet another on-demand feature from most iPad users. According to a report put up by 9to5Mac, the Cupertino-giant could soon add a full blown cursor support to the iPad. Additionally, the upcoming version of the smart keyboard could also feature a trackpad. 9to5Mac found this by accessing a code in the upcoming iOS 14 (iPadOS 14) build.

If this does indeed happen, iPad users will be able to attach a bluetooth mouse to the iPad and have the cursor’s movement connected to the same. The iPad will pretty much turn into a full-blown desktop/laptop computer. Additionally, the iOS 14 build also referenced two new Smart Keyboard models in development.

There already is a very basic mouse support in the current version of iPad OS. Under the current settings, a connected mouse basically mimics a finger on a touch screen.

The new feature will basically mimic the cursor movement found on the Mac, on the iPad. One core difference, which may or may not be present, would be that the cursor disappears on the iPad after a few seconds of inactivity. It makes sense, considering this will enable distraction free viewing when you are reading an article or an ebook or watching media.

According to the 9to5 report, the uncovered code also includes support for multiple pointers depending on what is being hovered over, similar to how things work on a laptop. For example, the pointer may switch from its usual pointer shape to a hand, when you are hovering over links. It is possible these APIs could then automatically translate over to Mac apps using Catalyst, which currently lacks an API for changing mouse cursor type.

Additionally, the code also suggests that Apple is working on certain gesture features. These include double finger taps for right clicks, a “tap to click” setting among others. All these point towards a possible trackpad inclusion in the upcoming iPad keyboard. There are two new Smart Keyboard model identifiers referenced in the code, suggesting Apple is preparing to roll out the accessories to multiple models of iPad.