Amid growing competition in the online streaming space in India, Netflix has been actively trying to ramp up its subscriber base. To do that, the company has been coming up with new plans and offers.

In an effort to entice new users to subscribe to its service, Netflix India is now reportedly testing a new offer, according to a hat tip received by us from a user who was signing up on the platform. Through this new offer, Netflix is offering first month of its service at just ₹5, regardless of the plan they chose. The offer is available to select users only and that too only for new subscribers. The company has not revealed how it chooses who gets to use the offer or if the system randomly does this.

This new offer is valid for all four plans of Netflix, which includes ₹199 Mobile plan, ₹499 Basic plan, ₹649 Standard plan and ₹799 Premium plan. While still in testing phase, if the numbers are what Netflix is expecting, the offer could be made available to every new user soon.

Previously, the company was offering a one-month free trial of its service to new users. However, that offer was phased out in India in December 2019 and the company had not announced any new offers, before this one surfaced online.

Earlier, the company was reported to be testing heavy discount for the long-terms subscription plans for the new users in India. The company was set to offer 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans with a discount of up to 50 percent. However, nothing has been announced by the company regarding the same.

In its recent earnings report, the company announced that its subscribers count grew by 8.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, well ahead of its forecast of 7.6 million. It has added 420,000 customers in the United States and 8.33 million overseas in the year-end quarter of 2019. With this, Netflix now has 167 million paid subscribers worldwide, with over 100 million of them being outside of the United States.