The pangs of coronavirus don’t seem to be fending anytime soon, as an infected has been found at Samsung’s phone factory-complex min South Korea, causing a shutdown of the entire facility. The facility was located in the southeastern city of Gumi and has caused a frenzy if fear in the general public.

As of now, operations at the facility had been shut down, with the floor at which the infected worked being closed off till 25th feb. Those who came in close contact with the patient have been placed in self-quarantines and they are being tested for any signs of infection. The news came from a press release where Samsung addressed the issue.

This is the first case of coronavirus for the South Korea based company and how this would affect the supply of phones is yet to be seen. Even though the company has its roots in the country, most of its devices are produced in the countries of India and Vietnam, thus the supply chain should not be majorly disturbed.

However, said facility is in charge of production of a lot of the high end devices coming from the company, thus Galaxy Flip might have another roadblock to get over apart from the debunking of its ‘glass’ screen.

Testers have found the Galaxy Flip’s screen to resemble plastic more than it does glass, dissing on Samsung for claiming a glass screen on its foldable device. Other than that, the device has mostly had positive reviews all over.

This isn’t the first time coronavirus has harmed the mobile industry. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) that takes place every year and is probably the biggest event for the industry all year round was cancelled due to the fear of the coronavirus outbreak, after a long debate.

At the time of writing this piece, South Korea had registered 433 cases of the virus so far, with country’s president terming the situation “grave” in a televised address to the nation. Samsung has said that this case won’t affect other facilities, but that is yet to be seen.