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Foldable phones are the new thing in the market and rightly so as smartphone companies across the spectrum are struggling to innovate the current smartphone. As a result, a lot of smartphone OEMs are trying to dip their toes in the water, trying to come out with the best, most reliable foldable devices to the market. However, the technology is relatively new, and thus, more and more issues with the devices are coming into light.

Truth be told, all foldable phones that we have seen so far, still aren’t close to being market ready. It’s just a question about which sucks the most. All the phones in the category come with hefty price tags that are not justified by the sub par performances and unreliability of these devices. A more recently example of that sub par performance is the Moto Razr.

Recently, Moto Razr, when put under a 100,000 folds test by experts at CNET, failed miserably. And the fact that the hinge started showing signs of wear and tear by 27,000 folds, makes the word ‘miserable’ an understatement. That too, when it was just 4 hours into the video. So in case you had expected a solid device, you might want to reconsider.

Compared to the Galaxy Fold, the phone pales in comparison, which is an abhorrent device by itself. But this test is a testimony to how much Motorola has to work to reach a stable place in the foldable phones market. When put under the same test, Galaxy Fold passed the 100,000 test, barely making it to a little over 100,000 folds. Compared to the short lived Moto Razr, Galaxy Fold was able to bear the beating for 14 hours.

Ofcourse, one test cannot be the sole judging criteria for a device, but it is the best one we have so far since reviews for the device’s capabilities and sturdiness aren’t out yet. However, users are also taking up to Twitter to share their experience of the Moto Razr, which can give us a deeper insight into the issue.

A user wrote,”This is the sound of the hinge on the Razr folding. It doesn’t sound good. The hinge also feels flimsy and cheap for a $1500 phone. The rep at this store said she was afraid to use it.”

While the Moto Razr is cheaper than the Galaxy Fold, it still costs an equestrian $1500, and getting a phone that might not last 6 months at a price so high might not be the most practical option.

After this live-streamed test, the phone will likely come with a warning to treat it with caution, but that doesn’t really make up for the $1500 price tag.

Still, the technology is new and innovative and if you are someone who suffers from fomo and has to get the latest, most expensive device on the market for bragging rights, Moto Razr can be a lucrative option.

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