At Samsung’s keynote during CES 2020, H.S. Kim revealed a robot which is designed by the company to help you around the home. Named “Ballie”, Samsung says that it can understand and support users’ needs and can basically run your smart home.

It is also designed to act as a fitness assistant and comes with a “mobile interface” that looks for ways to improve your life as your needs change using Artificial Intelligence.

In a demo video showed by the company, Ballie opens smart curtains and turns on the TV for a dog when its human was away from home. Further, it also called a robot vacuum into action after it noticed a spill.

The company has not revealed much about this robot but it comes with a camera on the front to navigate around the home. It makes use of on-device AI to perform a series of tasks, including home security and fitness.

Along with Ballie, Samsung also demonstrated GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System) technology which showcased how AR glasses can be used to work out with a virtual personal trainer, climb a mountain or walk underwater.

This product pairs with AR glasses and a handset, and offers AR workout instructor. Like other robotic products from the company, this one is also in early stages. After the demo, Samsung explained that the user could also take a deeper look at their performance and identify areas for improvement.

While concluding 2020 CES keynote address about “Age of Experience”, H.S. Kim stressed that the company is focused on using technology to create a better place for all. Going forward, Samsung will focus on three major areas — security and privacy, technology for good, and citizenship.