Google recently launched its own game streaming platform Stadia and the company seems determined to make it a success. In order to do so, the company is acquiring game studios and it has started to do so with Montreal-based Typhoon Studios.

Typhoon Studios, which was founded about three years ago and employs about 26 people, has not yet launched any title. The studio will now be joining Stadia team in Canada which is being led by former Ubisoft exec Sébastien Puel.

While the company has not yet launched any title, it is set to launch its upcoming game “Journey to the Savage Planet” in late January. As per the company, the game is being developed for “multiple platforms.” So, its unlikely that the title will be launched as Stadia exclusive as the company is unlikely to make the changes at the last minute.

Many users of Stadia have complained about dearth of optimised games for the streaming service. The addition of Typhoon’s team could lead to more titles that serve as showcases for Stadia’s advantages.

This seems like just a start for Google as it goes on to grow the Stadia platform. We expect more of similar acquisitions by Google in the future.