Google has announced a feature drop service for it’s Pixel phones. This feature drop will happen every month like clockwork, doing just what is says, dropping new features every month. The company already brings forth new features all the time. This announcement makes it such that it becomes a routine.

The first Pixel feature drop has already been announced, complete with all it’s features. Some had already been predicted, but that does not make us any less excited.

Google has announced some major changes with it’s calling app. The feature will be dropped for Pixel 4 in USA for now. In this update, unknown calls will be scanned in the background. Robocalls(cool name, just like Robocop) will be dropped by themselves. When it’s not spam, users will get a transcript of the message after the call has ended .All the data will be kept private for the user.

The photo app also get an update, Now users will be able to add blur to portrait photos after they have been clicked. It’s not established if the photo will be just as good, but this is a handy tool incase you forget to turn the feature on.

The Pixel 4 will also get some upgrades to Duo. Auto framing will become a part of the video calling app, allowing the camera to focus on more than one person at a time. This feature will be implemented by the camera auto zooming in or out to keep the subjects in focus. The feature has been a part of some other apps before so it’s nothing major.

Duo will also be able to run better on bad connections. This has to do with the app’s extended functionality of being able to add a boken effect to blur out background during calls.

A new recorder app is also ready to be launched for older Pixel models like Pixel3 and Pixel3a. A new version of Google Assistant is expected to roll out pretty soon as well.

With all these updates and the promise of more in the future, Google is sure to win customer satisfaction. Google as a company has been pretty customer friendly in the past and it is nice to see that it’s still living up to it’s legacy.