Apple Card

Months after launching its much-anticipated Apple Card, the company has now introduced a new benefit for the cardholders — interest-free new iPhone purchase on installments. However, this is limited to customers in the United States only as Apple Card is currently limited to the U.S.

As a part of this new offering, Apple Card holders will be able to get a new iPhone and then have an option of paying it back over 24 months, that too without any interest getting charged on that amount.

The company had announced its plan to offer such program during October earnings calls and now the program has been launched to all Apple Card users.

That is not all. The company is sweetening the deal for purchases made in December. Instead of the usual 3% back on Apple purchases, the company is offering 6% back on all Apple purchases made from December 10 through December 31, 2019. This includes purchases made at Apple Stores,, or Apple Store app.

The new iPhone installment program is a first-party offering with all the advantages, including the 3% or 6% back, depending on when the purchase is made. It also offers ability to manage payments directly within the Apple Wallet app.

The company has said that the monthly installment payments will be automatically added to the cardholders’ minimum payment and the percentage back is added to Apple Cash which can then be put towards the payment or spent via Apple Pay.

Apple has clarified that this new program won’t replace the existing Apple Upgrade program, as that will be available for non-Apple Card users. To know more about this program, you can head over to the official website here.