TikTok’s case as a serious contender to take on the likes of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram etc. just received perhaps its most genuine stamp of authority. In the just released list of the most downloaded iPhone apps of 2019 by Apple, TikTok has surged in to the Top 10, taking in the 4th spot. All of this in a year, and on the Apple ecosystem deserves more than just applause. To put things into context, the app was 16th in the list last year.

The list was topped by Youtube, followed closely by Instagram on the 2nd and Snapchat on 3rd. The top 3 were followed by TikTok on 4th and Messenger on 5th, thus completing the Top 5. Gmail, Netflix and Facebook took the 6th, 7th and 8th places respectively. The list ended with Google Maps on 9th and Amazon on 10th.

The results, apart from being what they are for TikTok, would mean a considerable much for the Google apps ecosystem as well. Gmail and Google maps featuring in Top 10 points to more and more users gravitating towards Google apps than Apple’s stock iPhone apps.

In terms of best iPhone apps, AI-powered photo app Spectre Camera from Lux Optics was named the best iPhone app, with Flow from notebook maker Moleskine taking the honors as the iPad’s best app for the year.

Affinity Publisher, an app for graphic design from Serif Labs, was the best Mac app and The Explorers, a 4K virtual touring app from The Explorers Network, was the top Apple TV app.