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Google is offering a pretty decent discount to Google Fi users, should they decide to purchase its Pixel 3A series of devices. The devices which typically start at $399 are currently going for a cool $299, which is 25% off from its original price.

The offer is valid for the XL versions as well, and the 3A XL is going for $359, as opposed to its original price of $479. There are only a couple of caveats however. For one, you have to be a Google Fi user, and next, you have to activate the phone fairly quickly after purchasing it in order to be able to leverage the discount.

To be exact, you have to activate the device within 30-days of receiving the shipment mail. If you forget to do that, Google will charge you the difference between the discounted and the original price, just like that! Interestingly, Google is offering a discount on these devices elsewhere as well, through a partnership with various carriers.

So, on Best Buy, Pixel 3A will set you back by $299.99 with Sprint, and $349.99 on AT&T and Verizon. The Pixel 3A XL will cost you $379.99 with Sprint, and $429.99 on AT&T and Verizon.

So yes, Sprint will get you the devices cheaper. Interestingly, Sprint is backed by Softbank, which has been pumping money into WeWork, and as some folks have been speculating, has been doing this because it does not want to look bad by writing off its investments as bad bets. But hey, that’s just speculation.