After the end of its second season, Fortnite continued to stay down for, leaving millions of its viewers caught up staring at a black hole on their screen – an attempt by the developers to show that Fortnite was killed. While the viewers were waiting for the details of the next season, YouTube showed a new apparent teaser of the game’s next installment titled ‘Battle Pass Chapter 2 – Season 1.’ The teaser reveals a new map and some new key additions which are appealing well to the public.

Fortnite currently is the world’s most popular game with 250 million registered accounts to its credit. As per reports, the game makes a massive $300 million/month. No wonder, they pledged $100 million cash for their 2019’s prize pool.

The trailer confirms past presumptions where it was stated that the the game will get a brand new map for their next season. The game shows some new locations in the teaser including a fishing pond, a beach, a river and a power plant. Interestingly, it appears that in the new game the players will be able to hop on a pogo stick, maneuver a boat, swim and even fish in the fishing pond.

In the trailer, players are shown to receive medals for a headshot, opening treasure chests or chopping down a tree. Further, it has shown players in various different costumes which appear very fascinating along with the graphics of the play.

Previously, the world witnessed a great PR stunt from Frontnite, when the entire game appeared to have shrunk into a single black hole, making it completely unplayable. This is the first time we have seen the game play-off an haul like this, but it certainly was a spectacular suspense builder for the viewers to see what is coming next. Reports say that the game will remain unplayable till Tuesday 6AM EST.

We are still eagerly waiting for the launch date of this new season, and with the release of the trailer, it can be assumed that its not very far.