Out of all the products and developments that Microsoft has gifted us with, you can bet your bottom dollar that Powerpoint has unparalleled popularity and usage. Starting from high school to a CEO’s office in some Silicon Valley firm, there isn’t a single place where you wouldn’t find people using Powerpoint. Flexibility, creativity and ease are the main USPs of MS-Powerpoint. A product has no value unless its proved to be worthy, the only way out here is by making a powerful presentation.

Microsoft just levelled up its game by introducing its AI presentation coach for Powerpoint slides. Artificial Intelligence is the new future we’re heading towards. After Google’s amazing work on AI-based ecosystems, Microsoft denies to fall behind in the game. Its new AI powered presentation coach will help you prepare for that important next presentation by giving you immediate feedback.

We all might agree on the fact that there are two categories of people – one who gives jaw-dropping presentations (that might actually change a person’s perspective on a product or the likes) and then there’s the other half of people who “reads out” the slides, with zero audience interaction. The better you present, the more you make your product saleable in the market.

Starting off with the web version of powerpoint, Microsoft is launching its new tool. Practice makes presentations better, and the new “coach” will make sure you take a step in the right direction. Currently the tool checks three things: pace, slide reading and word choice. Pace matters a lot when it comes to understanding what the speaker wants to preach . The ‘slide reading’ feature detects when you are simply reading out the words from your slides. No one likes a boring presentation. The ‘word choice’ tool doesn’t just detect how often you say ‘um,’ ‘ah,’ ‘actually,’ or ‘basically,’ but it also gives you feedback when you are using culturally insensitive phrases like ‘you guys’ or ‘best man for the job.’ Besides that the ‘word choice’ tool indirectly helps improve vocabulary thereby making sure the presentation runs smoothly with appropriate use of words.

Besides the AI coach, Microsoft is working on updating the Microsoft Whiteboard with new templates and teachers with an Office 365 subscription can now make use of 10 new lesson plans that include 23 custom 3D models to bring those lessons to life.

Reportedly, the company is also include better inking support in PowerPoint, including the ability to replay what you drew on a slide so that you can essentially create animations that way. Its safe to say that once Microsoft’s AI implementation is at its peak, we’ll be expecting interesting presentations instead of dozing off at our office desks !