Imagine yourself walking in Times Square in New York, and there’s this amazing Coral coloured Pixel 4 advertisement banner that simply looks amazing. Oh yes, the Pixel 4 is coming soon !! And we’re more than just sure that the upcoming phone will be available in a coral variant this time. Astonishingly it turns out that Google (quite like Apple) is obsessed with that square camera bump at the back just like the recently launched iPhone 11, and the poster image confirms this design.

A series of leaked images and videos have been rumouring the internet. These images and videos have given touted a number of key details about the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones. These rumours say that Google, apart from revealing the Pixel 4 smartphones in the most common black and white coloured variants will also introduce a coral coloured variant of the device. This is now pretty much confirmed when Google teased its Coral Pixel 4 on the huge poster.

The launch event is scheduled to take place on October 15 in New York City. And by revealing such a huge poster at one of the busiest places , Google has already built up the hype.The banner of the coral coloured Pixel 4 shared by Google in the heart of the New York city, where it is scheduled to host the event next month, says – “Hey Google, set a reminder for October 15” – pointing towards the launch date of the company’s upcoming premium budget smartphone.

It also also confirms one of the “few new things Made by Google” that the tech giant will be launching at its upcoming hardware event. To recall, the invite that Google sent out earlier this week didn’t reveal the products that the company was planning to launch. It simply said — “Come see a few new things Made by Google”.

Google Pixel phones up until now featured a uni-body design, but the images from the banner confirms that the Pixel 4 smartphones will come with a black chassis, which marks something different from the design strategy that Google has been using over the years.

Google’s next generation Pixel 4 smartphones are likely to feature 6GB RAM and run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset ; reportedly powered by Android 10 ( yes this time there’s a different naming style for our beloved android) . At its upcoming “Made By Google” event, Google is expected to launch the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones along with the “Nest Mini smart speaker” and the “Pixelbook 2”. While Google hasn’t specified anything yet, its invite states that it will showcase ‘a few new things’ at the event.

When it comes to their Pixel line-up, the company has always revealed the bare minimum required to build up the perfect hype. Unveiling enough to let the customers grab their bank accounts to buy the new phone but hiding enough to surprise them. After this advertisement we do have just the information Goggle wants us to know about their new phone. Stay tuned for October 15 when Google launches it next generation Pixels!!