Ezyhaul, a three year old digital freight and logistics management technology startup from Malaysia, has announced closure of a Series B fundraising round totaling USD 16 million (RM 67 million). The company intends to utilise the funds to support its expansion into Indonesia and the Philippines, and drive further technological innovation to offer a complete plug and play model for its clients.

Launched in the Malaysian markets in 2016, Ezyhaul aims to structure the $150 Billion fragmented logistics industry in this part of the world. The Singapore-based upstart today provides a range of online logistics services and technology solutions that offer medium sized and larger businesses, as well as logistics service providers a quick, efficient, reliable, and cost effective way to manage their domestic and cross-border transportation needs.

“Keeping up with such fast growth is challenging in a demanding business-to-business market. Fortunately Ezyhaul’s robust technology allows for fast scalability using EDI and API integration to help with connectivity to our larger clients, in support of their needs for high transaction volumes and consistency of service,” said Raymond Gillon, CEO and Co-founder of Ezyhaul.

The company claims an aggressive growth rate of 900% over the past 12 months since closing its USD 5 million (RM 20 million/ SGD 15 million) Series A fundraising round in 2018. Ezyhaul has since taken the time to reinforce its presence in Malaysia and beyond. This included expanding its operations in Thailand and India, and integrating a cross border solution that currently stretches from China to Singapore.

In 2018, Ezyhaul’s platform managed more than 50 million kilograms of freight across Singapore, India, Malaysia and Thailand. Today thousands of clients are using Ezyhaul’s platform, including companies like Coca Cola, Reliance Industries, On-Semi, Flipkart, DHL, and DB Schenker.

The company allows clients to make online bookings for domestic and cross-border road freight transportation services. Transportation companies in turn use Ezyhaul’s app to accept shipments, maximize their vehicle utilization, and reduce empty backhauls.

In order to provide better economics to transportation companies, the platform includes integrated dynamic route optimization technology that builds the most efficient delivery routes, optimizes vehicle utilization, and minimizes total transportation costs.