Apple will no longer sell the 12-inch MacBook. Along with MacBook, it has also killed the non-Retina display version of MacBook Air.

The 12-inch MacBook which was introduced in 2015 as a replacement for the 11-inch MacBook Air and had mixed reviews among Apple users. It is 24% thinner than 11-inch MacBook Air and weighed just 2 pounds. It was Apple’s lightest and thinnest product in the MacBook family. One reason for this were the individual LED lighting for each key on the ‘butterfly’ keyboard. he butterfly keyboard spanned the entire width of the MacBook.

It was powered by Intel’s Core M Broadwell processor which is designed for power saving rather than performance. And hence resulting in despairingly poor performance compared to the other MacBooks. One more drawback of using this version of MacBook was that it had only one USB-C port. Nonetheless, it was popular among students who seek something lighter, thinner and cheaper compared to other Apple MacBooks.

The 12-inch MacBook was priced at $1,299 against MacBook Pro which had better performance when compared though it wasn’t as thin or light as MacBook. Even though it wasn’t updated since 2017, MacBook was an entry-level option. Apple was betting on MacBook on the fact that it weighed less and was easy to carry.

Apple has also stopped selling the non-Retina display version of MacBook Air and introduced an updated version which is supposed to be a replacement for the 12-inch MacBook. Even though Apple Stores won’t be selling this version MacBook Air, it will still be available through re-sellers. Along with MacBook Air, Apple also announced an updated version of MacBook Pro which features Touch Bar.

To replace the 12-inch MacBook, Apple has lowered the price of Air at $1,099 and $999 for students. Though it is not as light or thin as MacBook, it does outperform it and hence works.