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Can I Get Addicted to Online Gambling?

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Online slot games have become a lifestyle for individuals on their day to day life. The main reason for this is the spread of a mentality that gambling can be an economic activity. Additionally, the notion that each day would be your lucky day influences the perception of people on hard work. Many gaming addicts are now living a life that is based on luck rather than determination.

The number of people playing slot games via the internet, continue to increase with time. And as technology advances to even greater levels so does the number of game addicts. Among the trendy hang out joints for people are the casinos. This is where friends to share drinks and cigars as they indulge in their favorite slots and casino games. By doing this, they try out their luck on placing bets in new game markets. However, gambling addiction has encroached the panes of gamers, and it is being perceived as normal in the day to day lives among people. Rather than just enjoying the game, many players on online platforms cannot go a day without placing a bet, causing a gambling addiction.

Compulsive Gambling

Famously known as gambling addiction, compulsive gaming refers to the urge to gamble over and over again no matter the consequences. This happens without a desire to stop the action, despite one getting a lot of losses. In the recent times, gambling addiction is categorized as a clinical pathology. It is an addictive disorder to be more specific. It relates to losses towards both the society and family at large. Addiction can be said to be the eternal reward to the stimuli, despite the fact that it may leave negative consequences.

Addiction tends to leave gratification to the stimuli, which individuals find desirable. There are very many people, especially the youth that are rumbling in the gaming arena and need help. It is important for us to make them understand that playing online games for fun is not the problem; the main problem is overdoing the game play, wasting a lot of hard earned resources, in the name of trying out their luck.

Reasons Why People Get Addicted to Gambling

All over the world, gaming is a major recreational activity practiced by people. It is mostly practiced by the male gender compared to their female counterparts. There are a number of things that people gamble on;

  • Money
  • Favors’
  • Possessions
  • Nonphysical factors – pride

There are various reasons why people gamble other than being an economic activity for many individuals all over the world. First, it is the exposure to a winning luck. A beginning gambler may win a single bet and end up thinking that it is that easy. This may tempt them to gamble over and over to increase their returns.

Secondly, fast spreading gaming sites and platforms as a whole have increased people’s exposure to online slots of gambling. Such platforms are spreading at the speed of light. There are thousands of avenues we used for betting and gaming, which are seeking for new customers day by day.
Ignorance to monitor loss factors associated with gaming is yet another reason why people fall for addiction to gaming. Furthermore, sometimes people resort to gaming as a form of relief or self-defense from stress. By gambling, they feel a similar impact as a person using drugs.

Online Gambling Addiction

So the question remains, can I get addicted to online gambling ? Yes, one can get addicted to online gambling. Biologically, gaming can be like an addictive medicine, which tends to reconstruct neural pathways and put them in a similar pattern. Different from casinos, online bets are very addictive due to fast access via electronic gadgets that continue to spread all over the world. It does not make a difference what age one is or the race, gambling has no host. The more you do it, the more terrible it turns into a negative behavior pattern. The biggest problem associated with gaming addiction is the consequences that come with it; it may lead to broken relations, financial strains and even loss of jobs due to being wasteful.

How to Handle Online Gambling Addiction

There are no specific ways to handle any addiction. But for gambling addiction first, you need to talk to the addicted players for them to talk it out, as a problem shared is a problem half solved. Talking to someone about the problem goes a long way in reaching the bottom of the matter. It may be beneficial if the tackler of the problem is honest with themselves first. Additionally, try to solve the immediate possible causes of the addiction such as depression and lack of care among others.  In cases where the obsession is too much, rehabilitation services are strongly recommended.

Addiction is not a fragment of people’s imagination as may be imagined by most. Anyone can get carried away by interesting promises of online gambling. This makes the online gambling platform the most dangerous mode of gaming. As much as gaming is dome for the fun of it, players should be keen to avoid being sucked into a betting spiral that might leave them in financial ruin. Setting limits on the wagers placed is highly advised. Additionally, one should learn to know when to walk away.


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