The Berlin-based startup, YuScale, helps people who want to keep track of their eating habits by creating solutions for advanced food analytics.

Founded in 2013 by Bielefeld, Kim Kreutz, YuScale has developed an app with separate scales to carry around. Kreutz has worked on more than 400 projects as a designer for visual communication, including conception, product design, and development.

Kreutz brings his expertise to YuScale by offering a solution that combines the scales into a phone case, making it easier to carry it around. The app is particularly useful for diabetic patients and has already garnered much support from the diabetics’ community.

The YuScale system contains a scale, the YuScale device, and the nutrition app. According to the product description provided by the company, the scale is used when the plate is ready before having the meal. The nutrition app is used to draw an outline around each food component and assign them to a food item out of the library. After consumption, users can scale the plate again and measure exact consumption. With the help of these two data points, users can determine carbs and nutrition to the precision of 80%.

The results are synced with a personal food diary, further enabling users to add notes on body weight, BMI, and more. The startup intends to include different components that will automatically use algorithms to identify the content of the image. Kim Kreutz explains the functionality of the new product, saying,

Whether you’re a passionate foodie, who cannot resist giving a shot for another delicious meal, forgetting the struggle with gaining control over weight or having issues with diabetes, just by taking your mobile anywhere with you, YuScale easily measures your exact food intake.

The new product will be priced at €49 and combines the information gathered, giving consumers a wearable, easy, and accessible method of tracking and controlling their food habits— terming it a “food tracking revolution.” The YuScale app will be rolled out for consumers in November 2017.

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