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Launched alongside the Google Pixel lineup last year, Google Assistant is being appended with some new, much-awaited and necessary features from time to time. Today, Google’s voice AI assistant is adding the one feature that users believe should’ve been there from the start. This new capability, spotted by 9to5 Google, finally allows Google Assistant to read and interact with good old text messages.

Google Now, which is Google Assistant’s predecessor, had long been capable of reading and responding to text messages. But, the same is now making its way to one of the smartest digitals assistant on a smartphone. This feature can be accessed through a variety of voice commands, such as “Show me my messages” and “Do I have any messages?”

As seen by the publication, the former voice command is capable of displaying all received text messages (without the read and unread demarcation) in a newly added message interface. Here, each conversation is accompanied with a reply button and you need to tap it to open the said thread. This intimates Google Assistant of the action and it reads you the sender’s name, giving you two options to act upon. You can either read a message or skip to the next one, it’s that simple.

The latter voice command, on the other hand, shows the new messages you’ve received. But, there is another command, which allows you to access your last conversation via Google Assistant. You can do this by saying — “Show me my last message,” as it will definitely come in handy if you want to carry forward some conversation.

Earlier, you could access Google Assistant only if owned a Pixel handset or had Allo installed on your smartphone. But, Google is now making their quirky and uber-smart assistant available to all Android users running Marshmallow 6.0 or higher. The update that will bring the Google Assistant to your Android smartphone is currently being rolled out and should reach you quite soon. Then, you will also be able to employ the prowess of Google Assistant to make your daily tasks simpler.

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