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Apple joins Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM and Amazon as a member of the AI Initiative

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Apple is joining a growing list of tech evangelists that form the founding team of the AI Initiative.  As the key members of the initiative, Apple and its peers will be working together to propel research and ensure that the best AI practices are known and followed through out the world.

The partnership was first announced in September, and Apple was conspicuous by its absence. Initially, it was just Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft that joined hands to form a group that had the potential to turn out to be the most important voice for AI within a short order. The fact that these companies were participating was important because together they account for a significant chunk of world’s data — making them a force to be reckoned within the AI community.

Meanwhile, this new Partnership on AI has been formed with the aim of conducting research ensuring that it takes place in a streamlined manner. Apart from holding regular meet-ups to discuss the advances that are taking place within the individual companies, the group will also work to establish regular communication lines that will enable effective participation of all the members.

Considering that most of these companies are or would be competing with each other to develop AI powered products, we can expect the communication that takes place to be highly curated. That said though, such a partnership is still something unprecedented and has the potential to give AI research its direction.

Meanwhile, Apple will be joining  Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft as one of the key members of the group. The company will be represented by Siri co-founder and CTO Tom Gruber. While Apple’s participation will be a great thing for the partnership and for the technology as whole, Apple also stands to benefit — not only from the mutual exchange of information but also due to the greater exposure it will gain thanks to the possibility of interacting with some of the greatest minds working on AI on the planet.

Apart from the Cupertino giant, six individual members are also joining the initiative in their own capacity. Dario Amodei (OpenAI), Subbarao Kambhampati (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence & ASU), Deirdre Mulligan (UC Berkeley), Carol Rose (American Civil Liberties Union), Eric Sears (MacArthur Foundation) and Jason Furman (Peterson Institute of International Economics) have all been selected on the basis of their past achievements and experiences that are expected to hold relevancy to the AI forum.

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