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Oracle announces new accelerator program for Israeli startups working on the cloud

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Tech behemoth Oracle has made an announcement today, regarding the opening of an accelerator program in Israel for startups focused upon propelling cloud  innovation. The new center will be based  in Tel Aviv and would continue to fuel local cloud-enabled innovation, through backing local ventures.

The brand new program, which would be managed by Oracle’s research and development team, would provide six months of mentoring from technical and business experts, state-of- the-art technology, a co-working space, access to Oracle’s customers as well as partners and investors, and also free cloud credits for Oracle’s works. This initiative would also offer a global network of startup peers.

Oracle has indeed put in a lot of effort into the program and  believes that supporting invention and the promotion of entreprenurial spirit is  crucial for emerging companies to flourish in the industry. Meanwhile, Reggie Bradford, senior vice President of product  development for the Redwood City, and Oracle Group VP Development, Sanket Atal will lead this program expansion.

Bradford made motivational statements in Tel Aviv and promised a future full of opportunities.

The next five to ten years promise  innovations and growth that will drive new business ideas enabled by the cloud.

He also added that,

Israel has one of the  mist vibrant and exciting startup ecosystems around today  with a rich heritage of innovation. Oracle is committed to  helping support this innovation.

The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program builds on the  Oracle Excellence Center for Israeli startups, ISVs and OEMs.  36 companies have already been approved to take part in the  Oracle Excellence Center.  Considering that Oracle is on its own a remarkable company which promises a  high- performance optimized cloud platform to corporations across the world. The company has left a major footprint on the technological world, by providing more  than 50 integrated cloud services to support all sorts of  companies.

Considering all these factors, Oracle’s patronage could do wonders for up and coming startups. The company’s full cloud stack will also serve to provide startup developers with golden chances to scale as soon as they start

Oracle already has eight development centers in Israel along with various other assets, including two startups – the public cloud company, Ravello systems Ltd. And cloud marketing company, Crosswise Ltd.  As the company takes another revolutionary step in helping  startups grow, we hope that slowly it will help them change  the technological map of the globe and bring more people into the rapidly growing niche of cloud technology.

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