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YouTube to highlight new talent every week to promote video discovery

YouTube, PewDiePie
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YouTube has millions of hours upon millions of hours of content. Indeed, the huge amount of content upon the world’s largest video sharing platform makes life pretty difficult for new creators as it often keeps potential audience from ever reaching them. Well, the company is making a significant change to its video discovery feature that will allow more videos originating from newer creators and music artists to reach their audience.

Announcing the change, YouTube said,

More great videos are uploaded to YouTube today than ever before. New formats are being created and new stars and artists are being born every moment. With more than 1,000 creators crossing the 1,000 subscriber threshold every single day, new talent is constantly emerging. We want to celebrate these up-and-coming creators and artists and help them build a bigger audience.

YouTube said that in order to encourage young talent, it will now chose two creators and two musical artists every week. The four will then be featured in the trending videos section on the website, putting them right before the eyes of the world and giving them a chance to reach far more audience than they normally would. The creators or artists would be highlighted for one full day and will feature the Creator on the Rise or Artist on the Rise (music content) badge.

Here is the badge, right below:

To be eligible to be featured, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers — which is pretty tame, considering that PewDewPie, one of YouTube’s most popular stars, has over 100 million subscribers and channels with over 1,000 subscribers are dime a dozen. However, that is the very point of the new feature. YouTube wants to feature artists or creators who are good but would take years to reach fame (if they ever do) considering that the sheer amount of content on YouTube could keep audience from finding them.

The selection process for On The Rise creators and artists will also involve taking factors like viewcount, watchtime and subscriber growth in account. So maybe, if YouTube sees that a particular creator or artists is new but showing exponential growth and promise — they may decide to give him or her an extra shove.

Our team is also involved in the process to help select which eligible creators will be featured.

It will also give viewers something new and curated to look forward to every week.

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