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Twitter launched a dedicated app to manage business accounts, and it is now shutting it down

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Twitter seems to have had enough of dashboard, an application it launched in June last year with the aim of letting brands manage their various accounts.The app was available in public beta however, before it could go public, the company has announced that it will be shutting the system down come the 3rd of February.

Okay, so dashboard was an app that often drew comparisons with Facebook’s mentions and in a way, the two were similar. While Mentions allows celebrities to better manage their fans on Facebook, dashboard was meant to let businesses discover conversations that involved their brands, schedule tweets, receive insights and so on and so forth. It was described as an app that:

Gives business owners a clear picture about what’s being said about their businesses, lets them schedule tweets, and offers insights about their tweet performance.

However, the company appears to have come to the realization that everything dashboard provided, it can provide on its own and without users having to download two different applications. The platform already has Twitter Engage after all, which serves much the same function. As such, maintaining and offering two completely different applications was a bit of a waste of resource, which at present is precious for the company as it pulls things together.

The move is not like a bolt from the blue. The app was still in its public beta and beta programs are in beta in the first place because they carry the risk of being scrapped. Meanwhile, dashboard bowed out with a series of suggestive tweets that indicate that some of its features may be integrated into mainstream Twitter at some point in the future.

Here are the tweets, which were made through the  handle:

  • Twitter Dashboard will be closing down on February 3rd. 1/5
  • In the future, we hope to bring the best features from Dashboard to the broader Twitter community. 2/5
  • Thanks for making Dashboard part of how you use Twitter, we’ve been overwhelmed by your positive feedback. 3/5
  • All of your scheduled Tweets will still be posted as scheduled and can be seen/updated from 4/5
  • So long and thanks for all the Tweets, ? , the team. 5/5
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