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Delphi and Pure Depth collaborate to bring multi-layered displays to our cars

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You know that the world in becoming virtual and growth is happening when old technological styles meet new innovations. Delphi Automotive and a New Zealand company, called Pure Depth is collaborating in bringing the three- dimensional visual effects from the theaters near you to the cockpit of your car.

Delphi displayed the “multi- layered graphics” tech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This new multi- layered dash screen technology by Delphi could help automakers do something more interesting with all that in-car real estate.

The technology used is an advanced one as it creates a sense of depth using two high- fidelity digital displays layered on top of one another, providing a 3D experience. It is even more recommendable as you would not need glasses and the effect is more solid than any other glasses-free 3D tech. It is also a smart move by Delphi as the automaker has figured out ways to trick the eye into believing that there’s more than just two layers of depth in what one is looking at.

Glen DeVos, Delphi’s vice president of advanced engineering told TechCrunch that the company wanted the same multidimensional look in a car as shown in Video games, Arcades , the gaming industry and even Hollywood nowadays. So, they approached PureDepth in bringing the multi- layer display system in the vehicle.

The New Zealand based company, first showed the technology to Delphi designers in March 2014, but the screen they had developed was too large for the instrument cluster space behind the steering wheel. So, now over the past year, both the companies have worked to compress the same visual experience into a 12-inch display.

Delphi has completed all the testing required in terms of classifying the tech as automotive grade, and is in the process of talking to other carmakers around for the use of technology. An automotive OEM would ask for the license of Delphi’s multi-layered display for using it in their own vehicles.

Well, we can surely expect great results from this technology and DeVos has increased our expectations by saying that,

The crispness of the graphics has improved 50% in just the last month. It’s like HDTV.

He also added that once it comes in the open and we start using it, we would not want to go back to our old monitor.

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