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Tesla is rolling out autopilot for cars with 2nd Gen hardware and sensors

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Tesla is out on a mission. To get the world driving in cars that are both emission free, and are able to drive themselves. The company has now announced that it will soon start rolling out its new Autopilot features for vehicles with 2nd gen computing systems and sensing hardware. The update is expected to reach all eligible cars by the end of the week.

The update will start rolling out from Monday, that is today. After initially being injected to 1,000 test cars, the update will be pushed to all users who have cars with 2nd gen hardware. Tesla is being extra cautious here. The company probably doesn’t want anything — say an hitherto undiscovered bug — messing things up for everyone, and hence the test phase.

The update will be available in a locked shadow mode for the rest of the cars and will be rolled out to everyone by the end of the week, or by the next week.

The news was announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk through a tweet,

New rev for Autopilot HW2 rolling out Mon to first 1000 & to rest of fleet in shadow mode. Also improves HW1 and enables Ludicrous+

Tesla’s approach to self-driving cars and full automation is very interesting. Instead of building a system that is fully autonomous and then rolling it out, the company is going for a progressive, stepwise routine. It is building upon the pre-existing technology, indulging in R&D, continuously upgrading its tech, pushing it to its users and then repeating the process. This approach not only increases the USP of the Tesla brand — as consumers know that their car will keep getting better at driving — but also allows Tesla to test everything.

Meanwhile, this update will bring along features like adaptive speed and auto steer to the cars. Many of the features being brought to HW2 vehicles through this update, were already available on HW1 cars. However, the company refrained from releasing them until now because it wanted to mold the autopilot system for HW2 vehicles first.

Meanwhile, lateral steering control will initially be capped at 35 miles per hour. Tesla will increase the limit eventually, after it generates enough data to monitor the performance of the system. HW1 vehicles will also be benefiting from the update, which will allow their vehicles to accelerate to 0-60 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds with the P100D. Ludicrous right? Well, Tesla is even calling this the Ludicrous mode.

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