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In love with electric bikes? Check out the Johammer J1!


Electric Vehicles are the new hot potato. The are pollution free, the fuel is usually cheaper and the new vehicles are as classy as hell. Gone are the days when electric cars looked like they belonged to someone’s grandmother. Well, with their four wheeled cousins taking the highway to the future, bikes are now changing too. Along the same, allow us to introduce you to the cool new Johammer J1.

The electric cruiser hails from Austria, where an alien looking, unconventional aluminum body is put around a 12.6kWh stack of lithium-ion battery cells, during the manufacturing process that takes place in an Austrian factory near the Czech border. As soon as you see the bike, you are struck by its shape.

If you were into movies and stories based upon medieval history at all, you would probably expect a knight with a lance to ride it.

Indeed, as Johann Hammerschmid, founder of Johammer e-mobility remarks,

This is a natural return to the concept of the horse, before there was noise and pollution from engines.

However, don’t let the rather unconventional shape fool you. The motorbike packs the very latest in engineering. The highly futuristic cruiser has been developed with the word “distance” in mind and has a range of 200 kilometers! However, that extremely long range is barely scratching the surface of the Johammer. If the company is too be believed, the cruiser does not require any maintenance at all.

The electric motor and controller are integrated into the rear wheel – no maintenance required. A very special advancement has been made in battery pack development. No other motorcycle manufacturer in the world is currently able to offer EV mobility with this level of technical features.

The bike can be charged up to 80 percent in only 90 minutes, giving you the option of juicing your ride up while you grab a quick bite. The bike packs plenty of other tricks as well, with my favorite being how ir has integrated the dashboard display into the rear view mirror.

All dash displays are integrated into each of the round rear-view mirrors. High resolution 2.4″ colour screens provide information relating to speed, revs, warnings etc. at-a-glance.

Interested in making a purchase? Well by all means. However, make sure that your pockets are heavy when you set out to buy them. The Johammer J1 bike comes in two different variants and the less expensive of the two –  which is the cruiser with a 150-kms range — comes with a price tag of 23,000 Euro. Shelling out 2,000 more Euros on the other hand, will put you in possession of the 200-kms range version.