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Super Mario has finally made its way to the iOS platform

Super Mario
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Who doesn’t love Super Mario? We have all grown up rescuing the princess from the green turtle-dragon thingy on one console or the other. Well, after years and years of stubbornly dragging its heels, Nintendo has finally given in to the demands of the time. Super Mario is debuting on the iPhone folks!

Smartphones have come to replace a whole bunch of electrical clutter. Televisions, Music players and of course, gaming consoles — are now all rolled into a single rectangle. While most game makers have adapted to the change and have started porting their games to smartphones, Nintendo remained wary of following their lead for a long time. Which was a shame, considering that the company is responsible for some of the most legendary games out there.

Nintendo’s wariness stemmed from its nature. The relationship between the company and its games is like that between a mother hen and her roost. What’s more, most of Nintendo’s games are custom made for its own hardware and as such, the company was not sure about launching them on smartphones.

However, after Niantic’s Pokemon Go tuned out to be a roaring success, Nintendo appeared to thaw and then at Apple’s September event, it announced a move into smartphones. The company announced that it will be launching Super Mario on the iOS platform and since then, fans the world over have been waiting for Mario and Luigi to come jumping their merry way into their iPhones and iPads.

Well, Super Mario is finally debuting today for the iPhone and iPad. The game play is pretty sweet and you can play the whole thing with one hand using a single hand. However, this particular dose of nostalgia will cost you around $10. There are some free levels available as well however, you are going to have to shell out 10 bucks if you want to play the whole thing.

Meanwhile, we don’t see Super Mario generating as much popularity as Pokemon Go, however, if the $10 price tag does not turn buyers off — well, Nintendo may just recognize and move into smartphone gaming as a niche in its own right. And that would be a pretty fantastic outcome for gamers.

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