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Developers! You can now get down to making applications for Google Home

Google Home

Google Home is one of the most exciting pieces of hardware released by the company of late. Small and Nondescript, some say that the Google Home was inspired by Amazon’s Alexa powered Dot, Echo and Tap speakers. Google has now opened its ecosystem to all developers, allowing them to make their own applications for Google Home.

Google has always believed in open systems. In fact, one reason why its Android platform gained the massive popularity that it has is due to the fact that it is completely open. This has led to millions of developers working to create and distribute their own applications through Google’s app store, creating the largest ecosystem on the planet. The company is looking to do something similar with Home and barely a couple of months after the launch of Google Home, it has invited developers to come on-board.

So, here is what is happening now. Developers can now create back-and-forth conversations between users and the Assistant that makes Google Home its home.  Once developers start creating and pushing these conversations to Home, users can simply start these conversations by saying something as innocuous as “OK Google, tell me about the weather.”

Google has partnered up with various other companies to make this facility possible. Collaborators include API.AI, GupShup, Assist, Notify.IO, Witlingo and Spoken Layer. Many of these had already been working alongside Google and the stuff that has been developed, will start rolling out to Google Home somewhere around next week.

Speaking on the topic, Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup told Venturebeat,

The bot landscape has grown exponentially in the past year, enabling a world where intelligent conversational interfaces will soon be all around us: at work, at home, on every one of our devices and appliances.

And Google is making sure that its Assistant is at the center of this change and has all the skills necessary to provide users with a good experience. Speaking of Skills, Google’s approach here is pretty different from Amzon’s. While Amazon requires users to first activate skills before they can be used, the integrations that developers can come up with for Google Home can be invoked with a simple voice command.

Meanwhile, the field is now open for developers. Google will be keeping a watchful eye over new integrations and will be curating each before it is rolled out to Google Home.

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Be a part of a thriving community of core-tech, no-nonsense readership in India. Subscribe to our post-by-post updates, right here.