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AWS launches ‘Shield’ to protect web applications from DDoS attacks, and its free!


Amazon Web Service’s re:Invent event is playing host to a whole bunch of exciting new announcements. The event is now into its second day and the company is really shaking things up today as well. One of the announcements made today include the AWS Shield, which is a DDoS protection service for web applications running on Amazon’s cloud computing service.

The service has been launched generally for all AWS subscribers and the best part? Its completely free! What’s more, Amazon says that it will be able to protect web applications against 96 percent of the most common attacks. The service has already been turned on for AWS subscribers.

Meanwhile, a paid version of AWS Shield is also available that will let users deploy even greater protection for their applications. This could come in handy for some of AWS’s more prominent customers for whom a DDoS attack can mean huge losses.

Advanced subscribers will also have 24×7 access to Amazon’s response teams to quickly sort out any issues that may arise. The advances service is kinda pricey when you consider that there is a free tier also available but Amazon is targeting it at customers who need really superior protection and as such, are likely to be able/willing to afford the price.

A one-year subscription to AWS Shield Advanced will set you back by $3,000/year plus extra for data transfer.

DDoS protection is a rapidly growing field and this year in particular saw DDoS attacks that brought many major websites to their knees. Considering that the number of connected devices is only slated to grow in the coming time, the number of customers in the field is likely to grow as well. Amazon may well have tapped into a very important source of revenue growth with today’s announcement. Its free tier may also help bring in customers who may then decide to graduate to the $3,000 version later.

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