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Google Maps for iOS can now save you from traffic jams nearby!

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Well, Apple may try and beat Google Maps by using drones to get data for its maps, but Google is already one step ahead. The company has released a new update for iOS that will users navigate traffic even better. Take that Apple!

Okay, so first up among the new features is “Nearby Traffic”. The name is pretty much self explanatory. It takes the form of a widget that keeps frequenting your screen with updates about the traffic status in nearby areas. Its pretty straightforward too. If you see a green line along the route you are going to be traveling upon — well that means that you can zip by without having to worry about the rush.

If on the other hand, you spot a red line on your chosen road — that means that there is a large amount of traffic on your chosen road. You can either chose to take another road or of course, attempt to navigate valiantly through the rush.

The app also offers messages like “light traffic in your area,” or “faster than usual” to keep you informed. You can add the widget to your home screen in the usual manner, that is, through the widgets page.

And that is not it. After this update, you can also use the search feature on Google Maps to hunt for specific facilities on your way. Simply hit search, chose out of available locations along your route and be guided to it through turn by turn navigation. There is a custom list that includes supermarkets, gas stations, cafes restaurants and you can also use the search bar to put in your own terms.

The Maps (version 4.25) is now available for download through the App Store. You can also download it from the iTunes store right here as well.

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