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Now, hackers target Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account

Rahul Gandhi
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Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Twitter has already shown that its security is not worth much against determined hackers, who have lately been known to go after targets that gain them the most notoriety. The Twitter account of the Gandhi scion has proved to be a temptation too hard to resist to a group of hackers that appeared to harbor a special hatred of Rahul Gandhi.

The act appears to have been performed by a group that are calling themselves the “Legion”. After hacking Rahul Gandhi’s account on Wednesday evening, the group went on to transmit a series of tweets to all of the handle’s 1.21 million or so followers.

As can be expected, none of the tweets were particularly appreciative and those that did involve demonetization were just plain abusive towards Mr. Gandhi and his family. This for example, was the most moderate tweet by a wide margin.

What else do I have to say?
I love looting the common people yo!

A tweet which was re-tweeted hundreds of times. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi’s IT team appear to have regained control over his Twitter account as all these tweets were taken down after an hour.

Speaking about the event, the Congress party has promised to lodge a  formal police complaint,

Will lodge a formal complaint with cyber police, hope govt will show sincerity of purpose in investigating and punishing them.

Well, this was becoming a rather common occurrence in the Americas with top executives and CEOs — including Mark Zuckerberg, losing access to their social media account. It would appear as if India now has its own hackers as well.

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