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Apple may launch a 4.7-inch iPhone with wireless charging next year

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We are all excited for whatever Apple has got cooking for its next year events. The rumors that we have managed to grab hold of until now are all super-exciting. Along the same, we now have reason to believe that the 4.7-inch iPhone Apple has got lined up for next year, may come with wireless charging and a full glass body.

The information comes from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for whom, Christmas appears to have come early. Ming-Chi Kuo has always been a reliable source of information for all things Apple and with all this news pouring in, he is probably well on his toes of late.

Our rationale is as follows: (1) the OLED model may trigger replacement demand among high-end users given its completely all-new-design form factor and notably superior specs in comparison to the TFT-LCD models; and (2) the new 4.7” iPhone, featuring glass casing and wireless charging, looks well positioned to tap replacement demand at the entry level.

The analyst had previously mentioned the wireless charging and the glass case for all the iPhone iterations coming out next year. However, these brand new, cool additions have now been confirmed for the 4.7-inch iteration. Confirmation for the others may or may not come at a later date.

Meanwhile, manufacturer Pegatron is expected to be the exclusive supplier of the new 4.7-inch iPhone and a wireless charger. While the latter will be included with select models at first, we can expect the wireless charger to become more widely available by 2018.

Also — good news for Apple — Kuo believes that the new 4.7-inch iPhone and another OLED model which will pack superior specs and come with an all new design specifications are together expected to drive “potentially unprecedented replacement demand” from smartphone users.

To our understanding, while demand visibility in 2H17F is as yet unclear and presumed pull-in demand may change anytime, upstream suppliers may be around now setting ramp-up targets for new iPhone pull-in of somewhere between 120mn and 150mn units in 2H17F, exceeding previous iPhone 6, 6s and 7 cycles of 110-120mn, 100-110mn and 90-100mn units, respectively. In other words, ramp-up for 2H17F pull-in may exceed the previous peak for iPhone 6, and hit a historical high.

Well, Apple certainly appears to be going all out for its next event. I mean there is still almost a year and the rumors we have been hearing about the upcoming iPhones are very exciting. Well, I don’t know about an unprecedented sale, but an unprecedented amount of hype certainly appears to be building around the iPhone 8 — or whatever it will be called — and company.

The devices are expected to roll out by fall, next year. Until then, stay tuned!

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