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Google and Bertelsmann team up to offer 10,000 Udacity scholarships across the EU

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Google is a pretty awesome company. Apart from the fact that its literally the window to the world wide web for many of us, the company also runs a surprising number of very generous initiatives. While these initiatives do usually tie into the company’s grand business strategy in one way or the other, they also end up helping a lot of people. Along the same, Google has linked arms with Bertelsmann to launch mobile digital skills initiatives in partnership with Udacity.

The initiative will aim to fill the gap between people, and the skills that can land them some awesome jobs, or even go on to start their own thing by training them in mobile skills.

Announcing the program, Google said,

Today Google, Bertelsmann (the global media, services and education company) and e-learning provider Udacity are coming together with a goal of closing the mobile digital skills gap in Europe and preparing the new European workforce with the mobile development skills needed to help them get a job or start their own business.

The company mentioned that according to EU projections, almost a million ICT jobs would remain unfilled by 2020. That is certainly a sad state of affair in a largely developed region where over half of the population primarily uses mobile phones to access the web. Google along with its partners wants to bring about a change and that change involves training new folks — while also helping any of the 13 million developers currently working in Europe, brush up their skills.

The company is announcing 10,000 new scholarships in partnership with Udacity.

We want to help, which is why we’re funding 10,000 Android Developer training scholarships across the EU via Udacity. Aspiring developers can apply for one of 9,000 scholarships for an Android Basics course and more experienced programmers for one of 1,000 scholarships for the Associate Android Developer Fast Track, a training course that leads to Android developer certification, a key credential for the industry.

In addition to these 10,000 developers from across Europe, every qualified apprentice, student and trainee at Bertelsmann will also be granted a Nanodegree scholarship. The initiative has set aside around 2,000 nanodegrees for these participants as well. Again, these will be sourced exclusively from Bertelsmann’s operations across Europe.

Well, Udacity has been very active in getting into partnerships with corporate entities. Some of the platform’s nanodegrees are highly recognized and have been able to land their owners pretty great job. Keeping all this mind, Udacity also receives a huge number of applications every year. Offering scholarships is not only Google’s way of supporting android development in Europe, but it is also a testament to the Udacity platform’s superior curriculum that is disrupting the way we study.

Meanwhile, if interested and eligible, you can sign up for the program right here.

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