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Apple is developing a bezel free iPad Pro with no home button

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Smartphone and tablet manufacturers seem to have developed a dislike for bezels — the amount of real estate occupied by them is decreasing day-by-day. Well, how can the company with the largest share of smartphone profits remain untouched by this rapidly growing trend. As per a report coming from Japanese website Mac OtakaraApple has a nearly bezel-free 10.9-inch iPad Pro under development.

Nearly because a thin bezel has been left near the top of the device to accommodate a front camera for FaceTime. The report, which cites sources close to the supply chain, also said that the device won’t have a home button. Well, that is certainly big news as far as an Apple product is concerned. Apple likes its Home button, as evinced by al the capabilities it stuffs inside the little square.

However, going bezel-less may have forced the company to let go of the button.

Apart from these two important pieces of information, some other data on the 10.9-inch model is also available. For starters, the 10.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to be slightly thicker than usual at 7.5mm — another consequence of going bezel-less perhaps?

Mac Otakara has also talked about quad microphones replacing the dual-microphone setup on the iPad Pro models that are presently on sale. The 3.5mm headphone jack is expected to retain itself for another year at least. Meanwhile, Apple is expected to let go of the current screens in favor of enhanced OLED.

Well, considering the sheer number of times we have heard about this variant of late, a 10-inch variant seems almost certain. While Mac Otakra had previously mentioned a 10.1 inch model, as opposed to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s 10.5 inches prediction — the 10.9-inch model appears to be fast becoming the general consensus.

Well, are you looking forward to a bezel less, home button bereft iPad Pro next year? All Apple needs to do is to find a way to get rid of the top bezel as well — it can then hand us something that can double as a mirror and be done with it.

Meanwhile, the company certainly appears to be in a mood to go into overdrive as far as innovativeness is concerned. The disappearance of the headphone jack and the appearance of a new touch bar are perhaps only the start. We will know more with time however, with almost a year to go, Apple’s 2018 event is already shaping up to be pretty awesome!

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