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VLC can now play 360-degree videos, VR version in works

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You know the best thing about VLC media player? It is open-source, free and it keeps bringing fantastic updates that ensure the best experience for you. The company now has a brand new version that is capable of playing 360-degree videos. There are also reports of a VR-enabled version of VLC media player that would arrive to headsets sometime in 2017.

I am sure many of you already have VLC media player installed upon your systems, and you have probably given  its icon a look while reading this. In case you don’t have it installed and (somehow!) don’s know about it either, it is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and that is able to play most multimedia files including both audio and video without any sort of spyware, ads or user tracking.

VLC is ramping the capabilities of its media player even further and has pushed out a preview version of a 360-degree capable player for both Windows and macOS, however, public availability has not yet been announced. So, if you have any 360-degree clips lying around somewhere, you can play them with the VLC media player. Well, it seems like when they said that they can play almost everything, the company meant almost everything.

Meanwhile, A VR version of VLC media player that would be able to churn content on headsets is also in the pipeline. Interestingly, the company will be designing dedicated applications for for different VR headsets including Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and so on. The headset-supporting, VR version of the media player is expected to be publicly available in 2017.

Meanwhile, you can download VLC 360 for Windows and MacOS from here. And if you don’t have anything to play on it at the moment, don’t worry. There are some free 360-degree samples for you as well.

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