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The iPhone 8 may come with a full glass front and wireless charging!

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Apple’s iPhone 7 has hit the public and settled in. Like every year, attention has now shifted to the specifications of the next iPhone iteration. The interest in next year’s release is stronger than ever this year considering that the iPhone 7 wasn’t particularly different from its predecessor in terms of design. Well, if KGI Securities can be believed, the iPhone 8 will easily be able to make up for Apple’s lapse.

As per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will be transitioning its iPhone design to an all-glass casing next year. Kuo also said that the glass design would make it easier to bundle wireless charging along for Apple. Wireless charging is not expected to become a norm by next year — due to the price hike it is almost certain to bring –however, Apple will launch at least one variant with the wireless charging feature.

Kuo also believes that Apple will release three different variants of its new iPhone. While there will almost certainly be a 4.7-inch device, Apple could also launch a 5.5-inch iPhone next year. However, the cherry on the pie would be a all-new smartphone with a 5.8-inch screen. In case you are wondering why a larger than average screen is cause for such celebration — the new screen is said to be coming with organic light-emitting diodes and a curved display.

Using a OLED rather than an LCD could result in a thinner iPhone 8, that is able to function on lesser power, and offer higher contrast ratio and true to life colors

According to the KGI Securities Analyst — who has been pretty reliable so far — the 5.8-inch iPhone 8 may also have a display that covers it entire front face. That means major changes to the the areas above and below the screen with the home button and earpiece. Although Apple can probably — and perhaps will — integrate the TouchID tech into the glass, it will be interesting to see what happens to the earpiece.

Either way, next year’s iPhone 8 is almost certain to be pretty exciting. If you have been keeping track, 2017 will also mark the 10th anniversary of Apple’s flagship phones — and you can expect the company to want to make the event memorable. A glass casing and wireless charging would certainly go a long way towards achieving that goal.

There are also rumors of Apple renaming the device but we aren’t putting much credence in those. I mean yes, it is certainly a possibility but c’mon! Apple makes iPhones, changing the name now would make absolutely no sense. There are also rumors that the new iPhone could be folded and in half and will pack a couple of wings so that you can climb it and soar into the skies — but we are not trusting those either.

Regardless, next year’s iPhone is almost certain to be a treat. And if it actually packs these premium features, the price tag is likely to be similarly heavy. Time to start saving folks! Meanwhile, we have a long wait ahead of us as the iPhone 8 will likely launch around this time, next year.

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