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In love with Solitaire? Microsoft is bringing the game to Android and iOS

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Remember Solitaire? I bet you do. Most of us who are now in our twenties or older have spent a fair amount of time hustling cards around in one of Microsoft’s signature games. Newer technologies may have led to better games however, Solitaire is still a global favorite. Microsoft is now releasing its pet game for the Android and iOS platforms as well.

Solitaire was like one of the earliest games ever, And unlike today’s kids who are born into a world which has stuff like Crysis and Halo floating around, it was almost all we had back in the day. That is not to say that we didn’t enjoy playing one of history’s most iconic games on our Windows PCs. Shuffling cards around in single player mode, trying to create rows of alternating colors and descending order — its sure leaves you feeling all nostalgic.

The passion has continued to this day and according to Microsoft, Solitaire has received as many as 119 million unique players in the last four years. The company has now decided to take the games to other platforms as well and has turned it loose upon the Android and iOS ecosystems.

The Solitaire Collection, which until now was exclusive to Windows 10 and Windows 8 devices, is now available for Android and iOS devices too. The pack consists of some of our all time favorite card games including Spider Solitaire, Pyramid, FreeCell, and Tripeaks. This marks the first time in almost 2 and a half decade that Microsoft has extended the game to other platforms.

The games are free to download and play however, they do have some in-game ads. You can also chose to remove them by making a premium purchase. However, as an additional bonus, Microsoft is offering the premium version to everyone for absolutely free.

Both iOS and Android users will have access to the premium Solitaire collection until December 31. You can also log into your Live account to share scores and achievements with other players.

Feeling excited already? Well, you can download the games for both iOS and Android for absolutely free.

Have fun!


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