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The new, revamped Google Sites is open to everyone

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Earlier this year, Google talked about a totally rebuilt version of Google Sites. The company had since then been working on the platform and is now rolling out the finished product to the public. The new Google Sites has taken customer feedback into account to come up with the perfect platform for folks looking to create websites without having to navigate through hundreds of lines of code.

In case you are unaware of it, Google Sites was launched back in 2008 as a simple way to build websites without the need to know HTML, CSS or any other programming language. It featured a simple drag and drop approach that let almost anyone build a functional — if not particularly feature rich — website. Google decided to update it earlier this year, so as to make it more useful in today’s context.

The new Google Sites was opened to testers and early adapters earlier this year. Starting today though, it is available for all. It offers a simple cut-paste, drag-drop and type interface that can let anyone with basic computer knowledge come up with a website in no time.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most interesting features that have made their way to the revamped Google Sites.

  • In order to let you track the engagement your website is receiving from users, Google has allowed users to track site performance with Google Analytics.
  • Google Sites now has more themes to offer and you can now choose from between six different looks to make your website just perfect.
  • The new Google Sites themes are all highly responsive and offer a great viewing experience whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or a PC that you are using.
  • The new Google Sites offers a tighter integration with the G Suite. You can easily do stuff like adding a schedule from Google Calendar, a video clip from Google Drive, or a location from Google Maps. Its similarly easy to insert content from Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms.
  • The new sites also packs a highly collaborative approach. According to Google,

Using the same technology as Google Docs, the new Sites brings real-time, multi-user coauthoring so the whole team can add and update a project site .

Well, the new Google Sites certainly looks to be pretty useful. While you shouldn’t expect to be able to build Facebook or some other highly complicated platform, it is still a decent way to drag and drop and cut and paste your way to a website for your business.

You can use the platform in other creative ways too, like using it as a notice board of sorts for everyone in your startup.

Meanwhile, The new Sites is available for everyone. G Suite customer with Google Sites enabled can immediately access the new Google Sites and start building. Google has also promised to keep on adding and enhancing the capabilities of its code-less, website building platform in the future.

You can also watch the video below to get introduced to some of Google Site’s most useful features:

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