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Uber’s new “Compliments” feature lets you give your driver specific positive feedback

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Uber has released a brand new feature that will let passengers who are extra pleased with something about their riding experience, express themselves. The cab aggegator’s app has a new feature going live today that will ask riders to give an additional piece of positive feedback right below the star rating they assign their driver. The new feature has very appropriately been named “Compliments”‘.

Uber does not want passengers to shy away from giving a compliment just because they don’t want to have to write an essay. The company has integrated a list of 9 prepared compliments including “Great Navigation, “Excellent Service”, “Great Conversation” or even “Awesome Music.” And of course, if you have been particularly impressed and want to write a thank you note to your driver — there is that option too.

Speaking on the topic, the company said,

Sometimes, 5 stars just isn’t enough.

That’s why riders often leave notes in the app letting their driver know what he or she did to make their journey that much more enjoyable. Sometimes the small thingsㄧlike playing the perfect song at the right time or lending a hand with a heavy piece of luggageㄧcan make a big difference. We want to make sure that message gets through.

Once a passenger selects a compliment at the end of his/her ride, the driver will receive a notification along with the option that was selected by the rider. In case you are wondering, Uber is deploying an ages old psychological trick to ensure that its drivers go the extra mile to provide their passenger with a good experience. A compliment received by a driver is more likely to induce him to repeat that behavior in the future.

This would also provide Uber with a lot more data. I mean sure, the star system is already there and it gives Uber a general idea of which driver is doing well and who needs to improve. However, compliments will let Uber go much further. I may be jumping to conclusions here but one potential use visible to me is say. matching a passenger who gives a lot of “Great Conversation” compliments, to a driver who also receives a lot of the same. There is no proof that Uber actually has this in mind, however, the possibility is certainly there.

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Meanwhile, riders who had been nice enough to leave thank you notes in the car, have just found a brand new way to say thanks to their drivers.

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