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Apple offers reduced price repairs for iPhone 6 Plus with “Touch disease”

iPhone 6 Plus
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The 2014 iPhone 6 Plus devices have been plagued with a whole bunch of issues that are pretty different — different as in unusual for Apple devices in this scale and magnitude. From BendGate to Touch Disease the iPhone 6 Plus owners don’t exactly have it easy. Well, the company is now owning up to something and has reduced the price for repairing iPhone 6 Plus devices with this issue.

In case you are unfamiliar with the issue, Touch Disease refers to a situation wherein iPhone 6 Plus devices exhibit flickering displays and multiple touchscreen issues. Many users were stumped when this issue first began appearing and it was soon clear that the problem wasn’t one limited to a particular set of devices but was something much more widespread.

Apple now says that the issue could have been caused due to the device being dropped. As per the company,

After being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress.

This is of course, the typical Apple manner. The company is well known for shrugging faults off its shoulder and onto the head of others.  Independent reports also suggest that the issue could have been caused due to the iPhone 6S Plus’s tendency to bend.

Under the new norms, Phones with Touch Disease will be repaired at a cost of $149. This is in sharp contrast to earlier, when getting a device with similar symptoms repaired or replaced could have set you back by as much as $300.  Now though, you can have it as good as new for $149. What’s more, if you have already gotten your display replaced by Apple and had to pay the full amount — the company will reimburse you the difference.

The scheme has been limited to the iPhone 6 Plus, although the issue was also reported on some iPhone 6 devices. This is in keeping with Apple’s understanding that a large percentage of devices afflicted by the issue were iPhone 6 Plus. Meanwhile, Apple appears to have reinforced the next generation of its devices against such happenings as Touch Disease has not been reported on any of the newer iterations.

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