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Uber rival Lyft shears off its mustache, introduces Amp

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Mascots and symbols are an important part of any brand. For startups like Uber or Lyft, which often go for creative pieces that let people recognize their cars from afar, the importance is increased even further. Its also a good way to associate your brand with an image.  Uber rival Lyft is pretty well known for the all too peculiar, eye catching pink mustache its drivers stick to their car grilles. However, the company is finally shearing them off in favor of something more subtle.

Lyft is letting go of its large, loud pink mustaches. The company is also replacing the the smaller dashboard-mountable digital mustaches that had started to replace the dashboard mounted fuzz. The company is instead going for dashboard mountable digital signs that can be programmed to light up in as many as six colors, including green, orange, purple, silver, teal, and yellow. It is calling the signs as “Amp”.

The new devices will be given out to affiliated drivers for free, over the course of the next few weeks.

The best thing about these new signs is that unlike the mustache, which invariably and somewhat offensively remained pink, they can switch color. And the color showing up on the sign is not random either. The same color will be assigned to both the driver and the passenger and as such, they will be better able to find each other. The passenger through the dashboard mounted Amp and the driver through the passenger’s smartphone — which will also emit the same light. For now at least, Lyft will be assigning colors to drivers and passengers.

Also, Lyft will be able to program the backs of these dashboard mounted signs so that it can use it to display emergency messages, directives and perhaps even advertisements.

Speaking on the topic, Lyft vice president of product Tali Rapaport said,

I’d say this is absolutely an extensible solution in a world where there isn’t a driver in a car. We built this to help improve the ride experience today but … we believe it also works well in that world.

And of course, as Lyft keeps on stressing, it will help passengers and drivers find each other better — shearing off seconds just like that mustache.

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