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Google adds editing and movie features to Photos, launches PhotoScan

Google, Photos. Google Photos
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Well, Google appears to have set its mind upon updating all of its flagship applications. The company recently imbued Google Play Music with a fantastic update that made it capable of spinning out recommendations. Now, the company is introducing a bunch of new features to Google Photos, that are capable of making the application seriously more fun to interact with.  The company has also launched PhotoScan with the aim of helping you catalog the oldest pictures. Lets take a look.


Okay, so this feature isn’t something that is particularly unique. However we missed the presence of deeper photo filters on the Google Photos app and now, here they are. The company has updated its Auto Enhance tool, and also added a bunch of filters that will hopefully make the app more fun.

The company also has a bunch of brand new sliders to edit and skin tones and make your pictures more…..err, social media friendly.


Google has automatically been creating Slideshows ever since Photos first came into being. The company has now added more sophistication to Movies and announced a bunch of new themes for the service. For example, you have Lullaby, which as the name suggests, automatically creates slideshows using pictures and videos of your babies.

In keeping with the holidays season, Google has also launched a Christmas theme (that will launch in December) and another for pet owners (on National Pet Day).


Finally, the cherry on the cake. PhotoScan is a brand new photo scanning application that is capable of performing the function of photo and document scanners, and cataloging your offline pictures — perhaps taken back in the 90s or earlier,or in the first decade of this millennium for the late adapters to digital.

However, the app can do a better job than most of its compatriots out there. This is by virtue of the fact that instead of getting you to align edges and corners, the app asks you to hover over four circles at each corner of the photo. This in case you are wondering, leads to pictures without glare.

Getting the perfect picture does require some effort, however, it is well worth it. This way, you can convert all your photos to their virtual versions, and make sure that they last forever.

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