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CashNoCash aims to let you know if nearby ATMs have Cash or Crowds!


Amidst the transition to new notes, ATMs are seeing huge, literally massive crowds. While some are able to wait their way to the new notes, other have to ruefully watch as the machines are slowly emptied of their cash. To counter the same and help people, CashNoCash — a Quikr and NASSCOM backed website — has sprung up to help folks find nearby ATMs that offer them the best chances of success.

CashNoCash is an online, crowd sourced portal that seeks to make information about whether the ATMs around them are actively dispensing money or not. Along with information about whether the machines have cash inside them or not, the portal is also able to inform users about the status of queue and if there is a long wait ahead of folks thinking to go out and get some money. What’s more, users can also create alerts to receive notifications about when a particular ATM gets refilled with cash.

The platform has been founded by Manjunath Talwar and Abhijit Khasnis and is backed by Quikr and NASSCOM. Talwar, it should be remembered, is the founder of online recruitment portal Hiree, which was acquired by Quikr earlier this year.

The idea is certainly very novel and considering the times we find ourselves in, has the potential to grow quickly. However, there are a couple of issues involved as well. First off, all the information on the portal is crowd sourced, which means that folks like you and me help provide the information about an ATMs current status. That said though, the information provided has the potential to be unreliable and stagnant. After all, the platform is very new and not everyone contribute towards updating the information on it.

Next up is a looming question mark over its future prospects. What happens when the transition is finally successful. Many including top government officials have repeatedly said that things will be back to normal by the end of the month. Assuming that does happen, where does CashNoCash’s future lie? As a rule, ATMs usually do not require you to wait for many hours, except in certain emergencies and out of ordinary occurrences. So, even assuming that CashNoCash is able to garner popularity now, it will have to make additions to its portal to keep going in a sustainable manner.

For now though, you can give the CashNoCash portal a try. Who knows, it might just save you some hassle. Do drop your feedback upon how you think this idea can be improved further and if it proved to be useful in your particular case.

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