The Supermoon is here, and so are some ideas for snapping awesome pictures

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The moon is one of the most beautiful heavenly bodies around. What’s more, a great moon makes for awesome pictures. That is why, if you have been planning to grab some great stills or have some ideas for pictures that involve the moon, the Supermoon that has come to visit us for a few days is just what you have been waiting for.

Okay, so the moon we have at the moment is the brightest in 70 years, and we will talk about how to make the most of the opportunity. The Supermoon is here for three nights and while two of them are now gone, you still have one left. The first prerequisite to shooting the perfect picture is of course, finding a great time to do so.

Choosing best time to shoot the Supermoon

Going by New Delhi, todays’ moon-rise will be around 5:37 pm and the full moon will illuminate the skies at somewhere around 7:22 pm.  However, we don’t want you to go to battle on the strength of out beliefs. Here are just a few applications you can download upon your smartphone — and get the exact location and time of the moon.

Paid Applications:

Free Applications:

You can use any of these applications to get an idea of the moon’s position beforehand and chose the perfect location for your shoot — as well as brainstorm some ideas. You can also use them to make a pretty shrewd guess at where the moon will be at its best and brightest in the sky.

The Moonrise

The moonrise is arguably the best times to attempt a shoot. Why? Well, because of a couple of reasons.

  • The moon is the biggest when it is near the horizon.
  • You also have much more options when it comes to taking a picture that has the moon on the horizon rather than high up in the sky.

So, say you want to put a person in the picture — a friend, family, or even yourself — the moon rise is the most opportune time to do so, unless your subject can fly of course, in which case you can wait for it to go high up in the sky.

With them moon near the horizon, you can put landscapes, people, pets, objects, buildings — virtually anything in the foreground of the picture.

The Modes

Depending on the camera/smartphone you sport, you probably have a few modes to shoot into. And while we will let you chose your own poison, here is some advice from a professional.

According to photographer Swapnil Nayak,

Shoot in Raw mode to get the best possible image information, and with a tripod for stability. If there is no tripod available, then cameras such as the Sony Alpha a7S Mark II that offer the best performance after you crank up the ISO will provide the best handheld shots.

He also said that it might be best to go for the manual exposure mode and slightly underexpose the shot in exposure compensation. This will let you bring out the details of the Supermoon in all its glory. Also, if you were to shoot with regular exposure compensation instead, the sky is very likely to appear gray and the moon, overexposed.

Which is also why it might be a good idea to arrive at the location early and check out all the different modes to come upon the one which works best for you.

The Lens and et. al.

We won’t tell you to go buy a brand new camera at this point. It is best to focus upon what you already have and use. However, it may just be a good idea to deploy a 500 to 600 mm lens for shooting the supermoon.

In case you are planning to capture a 3-D picture, two cameras mounted with two sets of lenses will be required. Also, it may be a good idea to mount the camera on a tripod and use bluetooth to click pictures.

Well, that is all the advice we can give you at the moment. Meanwhile, there will be another supermoon come December 14, so you can use today to fine tune your skills in anticipation of an even better shot in December. However, today’s moon will be unique and you will have to wait until November 25, 2034 for a similar occasion.

Do enjoy the night and post links to some of the awesome pictures you click, in the comments below.

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