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Uber will let you know if your driver is an army veteran

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Uber has always been a staunch supporter of the US military. The company believes in doing what it can to support the force that guards the United States. The company keeps on launching various schemes from time to time, that aim to include more veterans into Uber’s business.  Along the same, the company is launching a new feature that will let passengers know if their driver is a US army veteran.

Basically, this is how it works: Whenever a passenger orders a cab that has a former serviceman in the driver’s seat, the application will let the passenger know of the fact.  The company already has over 70,000 army service members, veterans and military spouses driving its cabs. This number surged after it launched the UberMillitary scheme a couple of years ago with the aim of encouraging veterans and army families to work with it.

So yes, there is a fair chance that you will end up in a car driven by a veteran driver. The fact will be displayed on the newly launched Uber Feed, which is basically the cab aggregator’s social network. The app will also let you know if your driver is actually a veteran, or a family member of an ex-army.

Speaking on the topic, the company said,

Starting today, veterans and military families who drive with Uber can share their military affiliation with riders directly through the new Uber app. When a rider is matched with a member of the UberMILITARY community, a card will appear in their app letting them know their driver is a veteran or military family member.

The company has also decided to provide to provide up to 6,000 military families staying at Fisher House locations in Los Angeles, Houston, St. Louis, Miami and Washington, DC with a gift card of worth $25. It has teamed up with the Fisher House Foundation to select the families. The gift cards can be used while traveling through Uber over the course of a year.

Meanwhile, it is a really nice gesture on the company’s part and will allow passengers to show their appreciation for their driver, in their own ways — whether by an extra tip, through a sincere thank you, or in any other way that they could think of. Way to go Uber!

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